Bike On, Bear!

One bear, one bike, and a whole lot of determination.

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Let me introduce you to one determined guy. Bear has spirit and spunk, and as it’s stated in Bike On, Bear!, he is definitely no ordinary cub. In this picture book by Cynthia Liu and illustrated by Kristyna Litten, young readers will surely see a little bit of themselves in Bear, for every child knows what it’s like to learn a new skill.

Though he’s quite adept at many things, Bear is having trouble with the whole bicycle riding thing. Even with his training wheels on, and even with Daddy helping push him along, he continues to stumble and crash. Surrounded by supportive friends, he still struggles, and the opening of a new park, complete with a beautiful bike path, makes things even tougher.

But Bear’s determination is admirable, and through all the challenges, he keeps a little smile on his face, and more importantly, he keeps on trying. At his mother’s encouragement, he hits the library for some advice in the form of a book entitled Learn to Ride a Bike in 4 Days. Each day is focused on one aspect of the bike riding experience, and Bear finds unique ways to incorporate his practicing into his other activities and interests. Though he may be feeling down on himself, readers will notice how Bear succeeds in many other ways and how he perseveres in many different areas of life. Come day four, Bear is presented with a split-second decision kind of moment. Will he finally find success?

There’s much to love about Bear, from his adorable rendering in Litten’s capable hands, to the slight smirk that conveys his spunk. But honestly it’s his resilience that best speaks to children, for life can be awfully challenging for little ones. Learning and mastering new tasks is an almost daily part of life for the youngest among us, and Bear’s spirit is a wonderful example for children to follow. Add Bike On, Bear! to your story time repertoire as yet another way to encourage the children in your life.