Disclosure: I received samples from Krusteaz in exchange for participating in their blogger program spreading the word about their new flatbread mixes, and I’m happy to share a giveaway with you as well.

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When I have time for a slow-moving morning (It’s rare, but it happens), I like to have a leisurely breakfast, often adding a book to the mix. In particular I like to have a little quiet time and read some sort of Christian discipleship before my day really begins. Lysa Terkeurst’s new book The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands has exceeded my expectations.

And what’s that on my plate? It’s a breakfast flatbread pizza I created with the leftover flatbread from the Krusteaz Flatbread Mix, Garlic and Onion flavor.

Flatbread Mix Collage

We have tried and enjoyed all three varieties: Italian Herb, Garlic & Onion, and even Whole Wheat (which was our least favorite of the 3, but my son did eat it, even after I told him what it was). This is a great accompaniment to many dinners, certainly Italian, but also a simple chicken and veggie dinner.

We like it straight-up, though I have enjoyed experimenting with the leftovers. You can also try some of these recipes from the Hostess with the Mostess. I noticed that there was a coupon in this Sunday’s paper, so use it and save!

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krusteaz prize pack

I hope you enjoy this prize package as much as I have: Italian Herb Flatbread (2), Whole Wheat Flatbread (2), Garlic & Onion Flatbread (2), recipe cards and Krusteaz Kitchen Accessories: a branded apron, kitchen timer and a handy pizza cutter.

Follow the instructions in the widget to earn one or more entries:

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With a seemingly realistic backdrop and a human-like bear as the main character, Frank! by Connah Brecon weaves an imaginatively wild story filled with bizarre happenings. Notorious for always being late, Frank’s trouble really starts when he begins school. It’s not because he’s careless, or even because he takes his time getting moving. No, Frank is never on time because he always seems to stumble into situations while he’s on his way somewhere, and because of his kind nature, he is compelled to offer assistance. Does he come upon elderly people who need help crossing the street, or children at play whose ball rolls into the street? Well, not exactly. While one scenario does involve a cat stuck in a tree, the other reasons Frank gives for
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Kids know silly when they see it, and from the first glance at Jeff Mack’s new picture book, Duck in the Fridge, they’ll likely be prepared to giggle. The title alone made a four-year-old friend of mine crack up! What in the world should they expect with a title like that? As they open the book, they’ll see an exuberant boy bouncing on his bed, clad in pajamas, but clearly not all that sleepy. When his dad settles in to read him a bedtime story, the boy asks him why he always reads from Mother Goose tales at night. Thus begins the dad’s tale of the time he found- yup, you guessed it- a duck in the fridge. Dad, as a little boy himself, becomes the main
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The Summer of Long Knives

It’s the summer of 1936 in Munich, and the Nazi party, already in power for 3 years, is becoming increasingly heavy-handed. Kommisar Rolf Wundt and his wife Klara are desperate to get out of Germany while they still can. They have no love for the Nazi party and its small-minded cruelties, and Klara has already lost her job as a psychiatrist. But a young girl, a member of a Nazi Youth Party, is abducted from a parade and her dead body is found with words carved across her chest–ambiguous words that could be a call for Jewish murderers to arise or a call for the murderers of Jews to arise. Either way, Wundt is disgusted at the way the case is handled by his Nazi
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To Dwell in Darkness

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A Hundred Pieces of Me {Review and #Giveaway}

This is my first novel by Lucy Dillon, but in browsing her titles I see that she writes stories about heartbreak and loss and redemption, that seem to feature warm-blooded canines as well. Sounds like a pretty good formula to me! Those were the themes which drew me to A Hundred Pieces of Me. Gina Bellamy’s marriage is over in a flash. Instead of planning the next trip they’ll take or the next adventure they’ll have, she’s moved out of her house into a spare white apartment. She sees it as a chance to start over, to reevaluate each of her things. As the boxes from her old life literally fill her flat, she decides to work through them methodically, getting rid of things that
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What’s on Your Nightstand, September 23

It’s one of those early 4th Tuesdays. Were you ready for us? I guess Summer is officially over by now, as we officially entered Fall this week, but for many of us, school ended a month ago when we got back into a school schedule (or perhaps for those who don’t live by the school calendar, there’s never really a sense of summer at all). Regardless, we read on. I’d love to hear what you’ve just finished reading, or what your goals are for the month. Please look below at the links to see what others are reading, and check out the related items below, to see some of our top posts you might have missed. We have a bunch of giveaways live right now
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House of Wonder #giveaway

When we were little and I needed Warren, I would rub my earlobe. And perhaps it was the alchemy of childhood, a magic that happened because I believed it could, but I swear it worked. He always came. Jenna Parsons returns to her childhood home just in time, as things seem to be crumbling around her shopaholic and former beauty queen mother and her twin brother Warren, the kid in school that everyone thought was weird. Then Warren is accused of the burglaries in the neighborhood and Jenna falls for a high school classmate, and her previously easy existence is suddenly a lot more complicated. Read my full review of House of Wonder at 5 Minutes for Mom, where you can also enter to win
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Becoming Josephine

I adore history and reading historical fiction, but I typically read fiction that comes from the English point of view. Needless to say, Napoleon is typically demonized and though respected as a foe, he is personally ignored. His wife Josephine? Even more so. I know little about her, which was part of my desire to read Becoming Josephine: A Novel by Heather Webb. One of the plus sides of this book is that it doesn’t simply start with Josephine and her relationship with Napoleon. She had a life before she met him, and she had a life after  him, as well. I was thrilled to start with her as a mere girl in Martinique. Josephine in fact came to France, specifically Paris, for marriage where she
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