5M4B disclosureQueen-of-the-Tearling-cover-finalGiven the chance to start over, would humanity actually change or would our societies still be plagued by the same problems we face now–corruption, exploitation, violence, poverty and disease? Author Erika Johansen imagines a world in which humanity attempted to begin anew in a sort of utopia, only to find themselves within a few hundred years living in a sort of medieval world, with horses as transportation and swords and arrows for weapons, and feudalism and sex-trafficking and slavery all functioning as well. But the story opens with a bookish and isolated girl hiding in a tree, watching the horsemen come and knowing this is the day her life irrevocably changes.

The Queen of the Tearling is a great read–just a really enjoyable story that’s partly a coming-of-age tale, as Kelsea ascends the throne on her 19th birthday, part a book about social justice and the issues she faces, and part a fantasy of mystery and magic. I really enjoyed it. Read the rest of my review and enter to win a copy over at 5 Minutes for Mom.


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Bram Stoker’s Dracula: A Choose Your Path Book #Giveaway

Recently I received Greek Mythology’s Twelve Labors of Hercules: A Choose Your Path Book (Can You Survive?), which I read and reviewed over on 5 Minutes for Mom. The publisher was kind enough to send the rest of the set, and while deciding between “Dracula,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and “Sherlock Holmes,” pretty much everyone in my family said I should read Bram Stoker’s Dracula as the next one to review. I’ve always been a fan of vampire stories, but have never read this classic novel, so it didn’t take much for me to agree. Like the other Choose Your Path books, “Dracula” starts out with you as the main character, beckoned by a classic book. You’re then suddenly in the story as the
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Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf #Giveaway

Little Mercies is the first book I’ve read by Heather Gudenkauf, though I’m familiar with her as an author. She seems to gain more fans after each book, and I’m sure that this one will be no different. Ellen Moore is a social worker, so she’s seen it all. She is an advocate for children who are abused and neglected, and it takes a toll on her. She’s so invested in the kids she serves, that she sometimes wonders if she doesn’t have enough left over for her own kids and her newly widowed mother. In the blink of an eye something happens that puts Ellen on the other side. She’s now being scrutinized for child endangerment. Will that change the way she looks at
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A Magnificent Crime: #Giveaway

Cat Montgomery is a woman who believes you should do what you enjoy and are good at. However, her own particular set of skills are somewhat unusual. Cat is, well, a jewel thief, a cat burglar (ha!), and she’s excellent at what she does. Several years ago, Cat stole something from Albert Faulkner III and he’s out for revenge. He grabs her off the street and offers her a choice–steal the Hope Diamond, on loan to the Louvre, or face the oldest punishment for thieves, the loss of her hands. A Magnificent Crime is the second in the series, and if anything, it’s even better than the first. I really enjoyed both books. I’m delighted to tell you that you can win a copy of
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Now I See You #Giveaway

People usually write memoirs for one of a couple of reasons — they are famous or they have a story to tell about some sort of obstacle overcome. In Now I See You Nicole Kear writes about her descent into blindness, after being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at 19 years of age. She was given about 10 years of sight during which time her vision would continue to worsen. This is her story of fighting to keep her identity and quality of life, as well as her life as a first generation daughter of immigrants, a New Yorker, and (Small Spoiler) yes – a new mother. Please click over to 5 Minutes for Mom to read my full review and to enter to win one
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Small Plates #Giveaway

On a recent weekend away with friends, I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t comfortable getting up to read, and turning on the light would wake my husband, so I decided to check the kindle app on my phone for something. I read Small Plates and I was absolutely delighted. Not only is it perfect for late night reading, but it held up well the next afternoon, when a downpour kept us inside and I spent an hour or two reading. Faith Fairchild is a pastor’s wife in New England who also runs a catering business (but uncozily, if that makes sense. I don’t like “cozy” mysteries). This addition to the series is a collection of short stories, hence the name. To read the rest of my
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Chasing the Sun #Giveaway

It’s been 4 months since Andres’s wife, Marabela, left him for a short period of time before returning to him and their 2 children. Now Marabela’s disappearance is not of her own volition — she’s been kidnapped. Peru in the early 1990′s was a time of political unrest and terrorism and was also plagued by kidnappings, and when Andres is strictly commanded by the kidnapper not to involve the authorities, Andres complies. Andres enlists the help of his estranged mother and hires a kidnapping consultant who helps him through the process of negotiating with the kidnappers so he can get his wife back. He tries to maintain a sense of normalcy but he’s not used to being home during the day and is awkward with the
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The Search for WondLa audiobooks read by Teri Hatcher #Giveaway #audiomonth

The Search for WondLa is a 3-book series by Tony DiTerlizzi (author of The Spiderwick Chronicles). A Hero for WondLa is the finale in the trilogy and has just been published and released on audiobook. I haven’t listened to more than just a sample of the audiobooks, but I actually have had a copy of the first book on my shelf since it first came out, so I finally started reading it aloud with my 10-year-old son. We’re almost finished, and we’re hooked! Click through to read more of my thoughts on this series at 5 Minutes for Mom and enter the giveaway for all 3 books on audio, sponsored by Simon & Schuster audio in honor of Audiobook Month.
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Moving Day {#Giveaway}

At 72, Stanley Peke’s memory isn’t what it used to be. So when the movers who will be relocating his possessions across the country show up a day early, he thinks he wrote down the wrong date, and is too embarrassed to question it. It’s not until the next morning when the doorbell rings that he discovers he and his wife, Rose, are the victims of a scam.  Being robbed of everything he owns brings back long-repressed memories of his childhood in Poland, hiding in barns and fields to avoid being discovered by the Nazis. Peke decides he wants his things back. It’s not the items themselves, which are, after all, just things. Having lost everything once before, and working hard for the life he has, he
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Tempting Fate #Giveaway

Jane Green has covered many issues that women can relate to, from mother-in-law problems to blended families, and in Tempting Fate, she tackles infidelity. But unlike most novels in that area, the main character is the one who is unfaithful, and the consequences are disastrous. For my full review of this thought-provoking novel, along with a chance to win a copy in hardcover, click over to 5 Minutes for Mom.
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