The Hunger Games: #CatchingFire Chocolate #ticktock

I returned from a very fun, very positive, very easy weekend at #KidLitCon13 (at which apparently all my good adverbs were replaced with lame ones like “very”) to find a very cool package addressed to me:

2013-11-10 14.52.39

My 15-year-old daughter thought that it was very VERY cool.

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I guess because we are doing a Catching Fire movie tie-in book giveaway (enter the giveaway), and I attended the tribute tour press conference last week (follow the link for more), my odds with Lionsgate are ever in my favor. I didn’t ask for the artisanal chocolates from Vosages Wild Ophelia that commemorate The Hunger Games Catching Fire, but it is pretty cool. There are 12 bars of chocolate, and they each represent a district.

I picked a random number, and we tried district 7’s chipolte chili. It had quite a kick at the end, but the chocolate was creamy and delicious. Can’t wait to try more.

2013-11-10 14.56.38

The Hunger Games Library includes 12 2oz bars:

  • DISTRICT 12 – Mining:
    mined salt + 41% cacao milk chocolate
  • DISTRICT 11 – Agriculture:
    harvest cherry + 70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 10 – Livestock:
    beef jerky + smoked mesquite + 41% cacao milk chocolate
  • DISTRICT 9 – Grain:
    milled oats + vanilla hemp seeds + 70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 8 – Textiles:
    caramelized crispy rice +70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 7 – Lumber:
    smoked chipotle chili + 41% cacao milk chocolate
  • DISTRICT 6 – Transportation:
    crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter + 41% cacao milk chocolate
  • DISTRICT 5 – Power:
    crispy crunchy caramel corn +70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 4 – Fishing:
    sea salt + coconut + 70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 3 – Technology:
    arabica coffee + crystal salt + 70% cacao dark chocolate
  • DISTRICT 2 – Masonry:
    caramel + pecan + 41% cacao milk chocolate
  • DISTRICT 1 – Luxury:
    rare harvest cashews + 41% cacao milk chocolate

At $65, the set is pricey, but my teen thought it was so awesome (she said it was the “coolest thing I’ve ever been sent,” which I think is a stretch), that if you are looking to enhance your fan’s Catching Fire experience, you might consider gifting it.

Let’s dish. Leave a comment and tell me: Which bar would you like to try? Which bar would you avoid? My answers are in the first comment below.


  1. says

    I think District 3 will be my favorite, and fortunately no one will fight me on it. I have no interest at all in trying District 10’s beef jerky, but I will give it a nibble when the time comes.

  2. bin says

    I would definitely try district 7. I love spicy chocolate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try any of the ones with tree nuts even though they sound delish.

  3. Donna W. says

    District 2’s chocolate would be favorite as I love the “turtles” combination. My least favorite would be District 3 as I dislike coffee and dark chocolate.

  4. Emily says

    I think I’m curious to try all of them to be honest, the one I’m kinda afraid to try is probably the spicy chipotle…it’s just odd. XD

  5. says

    that is awesome that your daughter thought this was the coolest thing you had ever been sent!! I hope she got to enjoy a lot of the chocolates :) I actually am not a big chocolate eater, but if I had to choose I’d choose district 2!

  6. kathy pease says

    id like to try DISTRICT 6 – Transportation:
    crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter + 41% cacao milk chocolate

  7. Charlene Kuser says

    I would love to try the DISTRICT 2 – Masonry:caramel + pecan + 41% cacao milk chocolate.Yummy and sounds great!

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