What did you think of The Fault in Our Stars Movie? (with Spoilers) #TFIOS


If you haven’t seen the movie yet and if you want to be able to let it unfold naturally, then please don’t read this. In fact, I won’t be reading this thread until after I’ve seen it, but I know that some of you are seeing the Night Before Our Stars event with special live interviews after the movie. Others will be seeing a Thursday night showing, so if you want a place to share, hopefully you’ll join in here.

(See Dawn’s post- The Fault in Our Stars {Books on Screen} for a more straight-forward review of the film.)

Here are some points for discussion in the comments (which I am writing before seeing it):

  1. Did you have a favorite scene? A scene that disappointed you?
  2. Which actors nailed it and were just as you thought they should be?
  3. I’ve seen that there’s already a soundtrack out. Did any of the musical moments touch you?
  4. Did anything surprise you?
  5. Was anything missing that was in the book that you wish was included? Were there any things that the movie ruined or got wrong or just annoyed you?
  6. How many tissues did you use? When did you shed your first tear or get choked up the first time?

This is not a test. You will not be graded. You don’t have to use complete sentences. But for expediency’s sake, I’ve numbered them, so if you want to answer select questions you could just reference the number.

I hope people will have fun with this. We do have threaded comments, so if you want to respond directly to someone’s comment, if you use the reply button on their comment, they will be notified, and we can get a real discussion going. You can also make general replies at the bottom of the comments, but they might get lost.

So, let’s hear it. OK? OK.

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  1. says

    So I’ve seen the movie now, and I was jotting notes on one of the extra napkins I had picked up at the concessions stand, thinking I’d use them as tissues.

    1. I loved the scene with the egging the car. I loved the first kiss. 6. I did get a lump in my throat in several places early on in the film, but the first real tears came at the kiss. 2. I loved Augustus Waters in the book, and in particular the narrator of the audiobook, how I first experienced it, nailed it. But I was totally charmed by Ansel Elgort. I had a little bit of a cougar crush on him to be honest. 3. I loved the song that was playing when they first arrived in Amsterdam. It made me happy. 5. The things that were changed actually worked BETTER in my opinion, like the fact that her parents got the call and came and told her. It was a much more powerful scene.

    A good good good movie. Yay!

    I’ve also commented on Dawn’s post with responses to hers.

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