Getting hit by a bus is a popular euphemism for dying an untimely death, but when exactly that happens to vibrant, outgoing Sophie, the worlds of her husband Ollie and son Freddie, as well as her best friend Jenny, are turned upside down. Only Sophie hasn’t moved on after her death, watching her friends and family cope with their loss without being able to help them; the most she can do is make a smoke detector light flash.

While Sophie floats about, helpless, Jenny must find a way to move on without her best friend.  Her fiancee, after waffling for months, has finally decided to set a wedding date, and Jenny has been roped into a support group made of the other mums from Freddie’s school in an attempt to help Ollie get back on his feet.  Jenny distances herself from her fiancee and is surprised to find she likes the other mums, despite their differences, as their love of Sophie draws them together.  Jenny also discovers Sophie’s wonderful life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and she had a few secrets she kept hidden from those she loved.

Ollie isn’t as fully fleshed out as he could be, we know he’s hot, a musician, a terrible housekeeper and quickly sickens of the lasagnas that the Help Ollie club brings to him.  It’s clear Ollie and Sophie were in love and he cares for his son, and the other mums don’t take long to swoop in once Sophie’s gone.

Afterwife is British chick lit in the vein of Jane Green or Sophie Kinsella. The conversations the mums have sound a lot like the ones I have with my friends (and definitely not G rated), even if the mums themselves are a bit outlandish. Sophie’s commentary on life going on without her are amusing yet sad, and Jenny is easy to root for once she finally figures out what she really wants.

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