Look! Another Book!

If you’ve got kids who appreciate wacky picture books complete with colorful and highly imaginative illustrations, hopefully you’re already well aware of author/illustrator Bob Staake. He’s back with another “seek & find” book that features his signature sense of humor and the oddest cute illustrations around with Look! Another Book!

“Discover things, both small and large,
you can DO it– just take charge!

Scary monsters, hanging bats,
super-goofy flying cats!
The words are few and far between,
more PICTURES than you’ve ever seen!

Now open up this crazy book,
grab a seat– and have a LOOK!”

After that fun intro, children will find pages with solid blocks of color that feature just a few words and phrases, and also have small cut-out circles, revealing snippets of the illustrations on the pages that follow. Be prepared for a rush of color when you turn those pages, for the fully illustrated two-page spreads are busy with action. Each spread asks readers to find one particular item or feature in the picture. Sounds easy, but that can be deceiving… kids and adults alike might be searching for a few minutes!

What I particularly love about this book, as it was with the original Look! A Book!, is that it can be accessed by young readers of various ages. Finding the one particular item on each set of illustrations might not be too challenging for young children, but older kids get a bonus with the fold-out list at the end that calls upon readers to find groups of objects that appear all over the book. To find “twelve green books,” kids will have to look back at all the sets of illustrations and keep a tally. It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that we checked out the first book from the library again and again all summer just to complete that list!

Look! Another Book! is a fabulously fun book to have around for your kids’ enjoyment… and yours, as well. Each page invites conversation about the funny things going on in the pictures, and no matter how many times I look, I swear that I see something new each time. Check it out and I’m willing to bet that you’ll be a big fan of Bob Staake, just like my kids and me!

Dawn’s adoration of picture books is well-known, and in her roles as both a mom and a preschool teacher, it’s well indulged. She can be found blogging, if only occasionally at my thoughts exactly.


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