Cash Out

Dan Jordan’s life on the surface appears to be pretty good.  He’s days away from cashing out his stock options and leaving the soul-sucking job that’s made him millions, and looking forward to moving his wife and kids to a dream life on the beach.  But after limping out of the doctor’s office after his vasectomy, he’s thrown into a van and tied up by 3 guys who look vaguely familiar.  After a confusing encounter they toss him back on the street, and while at the grocery store buying frozen peas for his swollen area, Dan is viciously kneed in just that area by a large bald man.

Cash Out is fully of wacky characters – Dan’s best friend, a Zen cage fighter; his neighbor Crazy Larry, who parades around in a skin-colored Speedo, throwing knives at his garage door; the sex therapist who is counseling Dan and his wife Kate; Janice from Finance who can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that Dan just can’t do those reports she needs so desperately (TPS Reports anyone?).  Dan himself isn’t that nice of a guy and one begins to get the sense that maybe he’s getting what he deserves when he’s blackmailed by the IT geeks that threw him in the van.   As a former journalist-turned-speechwriter for the CEO of a dot-com that made millions during the second tech bubble, Dan resents his current life and does some stupid things that could threaten his beach life dream.

Cash Out is a fun, quick read, albeit one that’s not exactly realistic.  Fans of Office Space will enjoy this zany romp and be thankful their lives are not quite so exciting.

Nancy wishes she could cash out and move to the beach. She writes about her boys, books and life in Colorado at Life With My Boys and Books.


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