Kids’ Picks, January 10

My 7-year-old is detoxing from his computer/Wii binging that I allowed during our Christmas break from school. Yes, he read (mostly Calvin and Hobbes), but I’ve weaned him off unlimited electronics time, and I’m back to encouraging “real” books for him that meet his school reading requirement, and I’m gently nudging my 13-year-old to choose reading over all those other things vying for her attention.

I love sharing what they are reading in my Kids’ Picks posts over at my personal blog Snapshot, and I’ll hope that you’ll join us in 2012 as well. On the second Tuesday of each month, we share what our kids are enjoying. These are books that they’d recommend. Books they couldn’t put down. It’s not necessary something on your homeschool curriculum or something that they had to read in school (although it’s very cool when then “have to” books intersect with the “want to” books).

By the way, that’s sort of what the Cybils go for — literary merit and kid appeal — so if you haven’t checked out the finalists, it’s a good place to start if you are looking for recommendations for your kids.

Please link directly to your blog post, and include your children’s ages for ease in visiting.

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