Kids’ Picks — July

Have your kids read any great books that they can recommend to other kids this month? Whether they were forced to read them, enticed by the prizes in summer reading programs, or just happen to love that extra time that summer gives them to read, let us know.

Link up your post (or share in the comments), telling us which books your kids liked. There are other opportunities for you to tell us what you liked, but this is the time that the kids can share. Whatever keeps them reading, right?

We spent a lot of last month on the road, and we definitely stocked up on books. We were glad to be able to check out the Nintendo DSiXL that Nintendo sent us, along with the new 100 Classic Books. She read Alice in Wonderland, and to my surprise, she loved it. She said it’s a great adventure, funny and imaginative. I remember reading it in high school and finding it a bit too dense and symbolic. Maybe I was just being dense and symbolic.

Here are 11-year-old Amanda’s thoughts (unedited) on using this new DS cartridge to read a book:

  • You can read it quickly and easily.
  • You have a lot of options of books to read.
  • It has a built in book light (because the screen is lit).
  • You can take a quiz and see what books are good for you.

Speaking of tween and teen books, Dawn reviewed Fat Boy Chronicles, and we are giving away a few copies as well. It was sent to Dawn, and I picked it up at BEA. I was very interested in reading it, and will, but she beat me to it. So click on over and check it out and enter to win. It seems to me one of those books that will interest some tweens and teens, but also is great for a parent to read to better “get” what their kids are facing every day.

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  1. says

    It’s always fun to hear Amanda’s take on things. Glad to know what she thought of the Classics Book game.

    I just hopped around to see what other people’s kids were picking this month. Everyone seems to have some GREAT books to share! Lots of fun.

  2. says

    My son is still on a Captain Underpants kick so nothing new for me! I’m heading to the library today so will be prepared next month. And hopefully won’t have to write about toilet humor.


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