Bubbling and Babbling about Bargain Bookstore Finds {On Reading}

I love bookstores: browsing around, seeing books I’ve read and reviewed on the shelves along with books which are totally new to me. I love the chance to point someone in the right direction, especially if they are with a child looking for his or her next great read (Oh, tell me I’m not the only booklover who does this!). But when I combine my love for a bargain with the thrill of finding something new, I’m truly in booklover’s heaven.

My Bargains collage

The kids and I frequent Half Price Books here in Houston, and I’m not usually content with just saving 50%. I usually go straight for the clearance/bargain shelves in both the children’s and the adult sections. I scored big on my visit Friday, getting each of these 7 books for only $1 each.

First I visited the adult clearance section, and found Songs of the Humpback Whale. Jodi Picoult rarely disappoints me. I listened to many of her titles on audio, because they were readily available at my old library in Connecticut. Though I was won over by her characters, and in particular the different points-of-view she always offers within a single novel, I got a little burned out by her capricious shocking plot twists. It’s been a while, and the subtitle of this one focuses on what I think she does best — “A Novel in Five Voices” — so I think I’ll enjoy it.

Another pleasure read jumped out at me next, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I’ve never read anything by her, but I’ve heard of this book (and the movie), as well as her other novels. Elizabeth even did a Q&A with Emily Giffin a couple of years ago. I can see why Elizabeth found her work so readable. I jumped into this book and could not let go (tune in for a Books on Screen comparison later this week!).

As I was leaving the store, I spied a nice thick cookbook on the clearance cart outside: The Dinner Doctor. Flipping through it, I figured I’d get at least a dollar’s worth of use from it, so I went back in and purchased it. I have 3 new dinners on my menu this week!

Kid Book Bargains

And then I headed over to the children’s/YA section. I love having books on hand for my kids, because they read more when there’s more around to read.

Amanda and I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants aloud together last summer (It was a bargain book purchase that I had waiting on my shelf for the opportune time). She has since read the 2nd one, so when I saw the 3rd and 4th on the bargain shelf, I snapped them up for her.

Kyle enjoyed reading The Odd Squad Zero Tolerance when I received it for Cybils review, so when I saw the first, Bully Bait, there for the taking, I snapped it up. He’s already finished it.

Amanda and I also read the first two Series of Unfortunate Events aloud in the last year or so (I know, we were very late to the party). The first was free on Kindle when Lemony Snicket‘s new chapter book series came out. I pick up books in the series when I see them for $2 or less, because I know that Kyle will love them as well.

Where do you find your book bargains? Are you more likely to buy a book if it’s too cheap to pass up? Do you get the same thrill I do?

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    My best ever used bookstore score was when I visited a little used paperback seller and found 2 dozen Georgette Heyer paperbacks for $2 each. I bought some, walked back to my car, and then turned around and went back for the rest. They had just arrived from an estate sale. So yes, I definitely buy things if they are too cheap to pass up. I subscribe to the Kindle Daily Deal emails, and frequently buy things I either already own in print, or know that I’ll never get to, because they are only $1.99. But I like the security of knowing that I have weeks (at least) of reading material, always on hand in a portable device (for that really long airplane layover).

    I must admit, though, that between the Kindle and the review books that show up, I don’t visit used bookstores as often as I once did. I miss it! I used to love Half Price Books, when I liked in Texas. I may just have to make a used bookstore trip this week sometime…

    • says

      I’ve done that same thing — bought one or two of something like that, but then decided I needed to go ahead and go for it.

      I also buy books on Kindle when they are under $3 (or even better — free), but I don’t tend to get to those as frequently for some reason.

      There was a Goodwill near us in CT which had a great book section. I bought all sorts of chapter books for Amanda when she was young. That’s bookloving New Englanders — haven’t found that in Texas.

      But you can definitely find great books for Child. That’s what most of my trips result in these days.

      • says

        Between my review books, the Scholastic Reading Club, and the library, Child is doing pretty well for books already. Still, I think a trip to introduce her to the joys of used bookstores is in order…

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