Friday’s Five: #Cybils Nominated Books to Tickle Your Kids’ Funny Bones

We’re nearing the end of the Round One judging period for the Cybils Awards, and I have been busy reading and sorting nominated picture books, and then reading some more. It’s been quite fun pulling together books into groups by themes, and this week, I hope you’re ready for some giggles. This round’s handful of books play with silly scenarios and happy hilarity.

1. Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira and illustrated by Poly Bernatene — A happy pig sitting upon a rock in the middle of a pond– silly enough, yes, but when he lets out a huge “Ribbit!” then the fun really begins. Is the pig confused, has he forgotten his own sound, or is it something more? No little one can resist the cuteness of this pig and the crowd of frogs who are stymied by his behavior. There’s a kind message in this story, but there’s also a pig sitting in a tree on the final pages, so the laughs are plenty, too!

2. Mo’s Mustache by Ben Clanton — First of all, mustaches are funny, no question. A mustache on an adorable horned, big-nosed, star-tailed creature guarantees the giggles. When Mo gets a mustache, all his multi-colored fuzzy and horned pals think it looks just dandy, and a parent seasoned in read aloud experiences can have great fun voicing their creatively worded compliments. But you know how they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery? Well, his friends are quite flattering… so Mo turns to scarves. You can see what comes next, right? I full on love this book. It’s got rich (and fun!) language, snazzy illustrations, and a humorous sensibility that works perfectly in my opinion.

3. How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton and illustrated by John Rocco — Are your kids always begging for a pet like mine? While we got them a fish, (who is actually paid much attention), their requests for a dog are relentless. This delightfully illustrated romp of a picture book is just the kind to get them to quit begging for a dog for a short time in favor of cracking up over the ridiculous idea of having an actual train for a pet. Oh yes, this is a step by step guide to getting a train to be your pet, along with teaching it how to be the best pet ever. The serious tone gives this one a little more of a sophisticated humor feel than some of the others, and with slightly longer text, it might be more appropriate for kindergarteners and older kids.

4. Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri — A pizza-loving raccoon stares longingly into the window of his local pizza parlor before being shooed away by the broom-wielding owner. He just wants some pizza, but he can’t seem to get any on his own. The solution? A secret pizza party, of course! With a disguise, he just might be able to carry this off. Just plain goofy fun here, and the running broom jokes throughout the story even had me cracking up. (A broom factory and a broom enthusiasts club stand in Racoon’s getaway path. Seriously.) Give this one a read before your next family pizza-and-a-movie night!

5. The Day my Mom Came to Kindergarten by Maureen Ferbus and illustrated by Mike Lowery — I might have a particular fondness for this funny little book because just a couple months ago, I sent my youngest child off to kindergarten. I have indeed gone to his kindergarten class to help out a couple times this year, but thankfully, I haven’t gotten into the types of troubles that this poor mama on the cover did. What better way to reinforce the rules that young school-aged kids need to remember than to put a mom into some sticky (ha!) situations? Surprise your own kindergarteners (and 1st and 2nd graders, too!) with this one as your next read aloud.

My pile is getting smaller and smaller as we get closer to the January 1st Cybils finalists announcement date. Keep checking out the nominated titles and may you have lots of laughs in your next story time!

All opinions offered here are mine alone, and do not represent the Cybils Awards.

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