Crossing on the Paris

crossingontheparisCrossing on the Paris by Dana Gynther takes a look at three women who are each crossing the sea on the ship called the Paris, from France to New York in 1921.

Julie Vernet is taking the opportunity of a lifetime to get out of her small French town, setting out after landing a job onboard the ship. After being on board just a short time, she’s not sure she’s cut out for a life as a low-class working girl on the seas, but she doesn’t want to give up on adventure either, and there’s no way she’s going back home.

Vera Sinclair is traveling first class, leaving England where she’s made her home for many years, and returning home to the United States. She’s getting older, and she’s been sick, and she feels like it was time to leave behind her life there, and cut ties from those who are dear to her.  But on board the ship, with only her trusted maid, she feels acutely aware of how alone she is.

Constance Stone is a mother and housewife. She’s done something quite atypical by going to France alone in an effort to bring her sister back home. She’s tempted on this trip to do other things that she’d never consider before. The time away from her husband and children has caused her to analyze her place. Does her husband even love her? Does she love him?

The three women are thrown together randomly — because as they boarded their picture was snapped and published in the ship’s paper — but as their paths continue to cross, they form a relationship of sorts.

Crossing on the Paris will appeal to those who like stories of class struggles, self-discovery, and adventure with a historical background. It was a light, easy, comforting read.

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