Every Day

I brought Every Day along on a trip I took with my 14-year-old daughter, figuring we’d both read it. I started it before we left and had to finish it on the plane. She started it the morning we left, she too was glued to it until she finished, continuing reading in the car after arriving back home.

I selected this book from the Amazon Vine reviewer program a while ago. It intrigued me, but I kept putting it off for some reason, even though I was really interested in it. When it became a finalist in the Cybils YA Fantasy category, I knew I had to get to it soon.

I don’t know if David Levithan’s intro is in the published edition or just in the ARC (advanced reader’s copy), but I liked that he explained that he had this idea about a teen who had woken up every day of his life in a different body. He (Levithan) didn’t think about the why or how, and there’s no explanation of that in the novel, but it doesn’t need it.

I was caught up in the story, the day to day telling of who “A” becomes and how he interacts with them. But one day something happens that hasn’t happened before. He feels a spark for someone he meets, and he wants to see her again. But how will that work? Can he? Will they be able to relate when “A” is a different person each day? This is one of the things that keeps the story moving along, in addition to a twist that I’d rather not reveal.

I highly recommend Every Day for high schoolers and adults who enjoy YA. At this writing, the Kindle edition is only $4.99.

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