Settling and Sound {with Giveaway}

In Solid, the first in a wonderful sci-fi series for young adults, a group of teens are trying to unravel how and why they were born with certain abilities – some can disappear at will, others are super-athletes (link is to my review).

Book 2 in the series, Settling, continues where Solid left off, at the army compound somewhere in Northwest New Jersey. Clio and her friends are settling into their new way of life, not only comfortable with their powers but using them in their new jobs around the campus.  Clio is working with Ford, a young, good-looking lieutenant, in an attempt to turn the compound into a school where the kids can spend their senior years.  When a body is found on campus, is it coincidence that 2 new kids have turned up at the same time?  And when Clio betrays one of their group, will her friends forgive her?

The final book in the trilogy, Sound, concludes the summer at the compound with a family visit and a field trip to New York City.  While visiting the planetarium, a Yankee game and other outings, the kids experience the same unusual occurrence.  With her friends still unable to forgive her, Clio is unsure if something sinister is going on or if she’s just paranoid.

The friendships and relationships in the books in this series are believable and the characters are relatable.  Clio is close with her mom but sometimes avoids dealing with her. She wants to turn to the colonel for comfort but feels a bit awkward around him. She doesn’t know how to get her friends to forgive her, and the longer the rift exists, the harder it is to heal.

Sound provides the perfect ending to the series, with the slight chance of more books to come.  All 3 books are available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

In the interest of full disclosure, author Shelley Workinger and I were in a book club together, and she provided me with both Settling and Sound for review.  However, the opinions in this review are all my own, and I would recommend this series even if I didn’t know her.

We have a copy of each of the first 2 books, Solid and Settling, to give away. Leave a comment to enter to win, and the winner will be announced in our regular giveaway column on December 12.  This giveaway is closed.

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