Chug the Bug-Chug Makes Makes New Friends 3D App

When I got the email about this app I was very curious to see how Mobad Media created a 3D world.  I was surprised how the images did really appear to have depth.  I found they seemed to recede right into my iPod and with movement really came to life.  They got me just on the cool factor and I played with it for a good while…then I ‘read’ the story with my son.

Chug the Bug
is unsure what type of bug he is and starts an adventure of self-discovery.  He heads off to school for the first time and meets all sorts of new bugs.  They need to learn to use their own unique abilities and skills to meet everyday childhood challenges.

The graphics are very sweet and the narration is very soothing.  Besides the 3D visuals there are plenty of interactive elements to be enjoyed.  I think my son liked all the features more than he paid attention to the story itself but he can always come back to it again.  It has a good message so when he is ready I hope he can absorb it.

I would say it could be enjoyed by younger children up to early school age.  And of course us parents too!  Chug the Bug has a great website to supplement the app.  It is worth checking out.

Tennille lives in the Great White North with her hubby and two sons. She enjoys sleep but is learning to appreciate caffeine as a perfectly viable substitute.

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