Happy Halloween! by Liesbit Slegers

I have reviewed several other books by Liesbet Slegers, and they all feature the same very specific style of art (as seen in the book cover above).

The colors are bright, and the plot is simple and informative, yet also has a story to follow, as opposed to facts to read. In this case, a family gets ready for Halloween by carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin snacks, going to a party, and going trick or treating.

I loved the first lines, and they sort of set the tone for the rest of the book:

On the last day of October we celebrate Halloween.
That is the festival of ghosts.
Do you think real ghosts come out then?
No, of course ghosts don’t exits — but dressing up in costumes like a ghost is really fun. Wooo-hoooo!

Jennifer has great memories of dreaming up creative costumes with her childhood best friend. She might post pictures of her children’s Halloween experience at her blog Snapshot.


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