Nate Rocks the Boat

Last year Karen Pokras Toz introduced Nathan Rockledge and his alter ego, Nate Rocks, in Nate Rocks the World. Nathan’s back with all new adventures as he takes on summer camp in Nate Rocks the Boat.

Nathan’s dad is still stuck in the past, his mom still can’t cook, and his big sister Abby is still a pain, even after he saved her life last summer. He’s looking forward to spending the summer with his best friend Tommy, until he finds out he and Abby are going to summer camp. But when Tommy’s parents let him go to camp with Nathan, things start to look up.

Nate Rocks the Boat follows the same basic format as the first book: whenever Nathan puts pencil — or pen, marker, or anything else that writes — to paper, his imagination runs away with him and he daydreams that he saves the day again and again. The camp setting offers up new adventures for Nathan, both real an imagined; an overzealous counselor, Color Wars, and a campout are just a few of the scenarios that lead Nathan down the road to imaginary greatness.

The Nate Rocks books are geared toward boys, but boys and girls both can relate to Nathan’s annoying older sister, his fear of team sports and his desire to be accepted by his peers. Nate Rocks the Boat is rated for kids in the 8-12 range but I think it skews toward the lower half of the range.

Both books are available in paperback or Kindle format.

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  1. Laticha Ashby says

    Would so love to have this book to read to my kids for a new bedtime story. Ty so much for the chance.

  2. Margaret says

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this book. My kids would love it. Paperback please1


  3. Shelly Johnson says

    My daughter is my little “boat rocker” and this being the first year of going away for SUmmer Camp ( I cringe and she sqeals) this would be a great book to send with her!!

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