The Wedding Dress, with Giveaway

Charlotte owns a bridal boutique in Birmingham, Alabama, and finding the perfect dress for every bride is her passion. But while she is a master at dressing others, she can’t find a dress for her own wedding. At an auction, Charlotte buys an old trunk, which contains a beautiful vintage gown. Unfortunately, her relationship falls apart, and she decides she was meant to help brides, without being one herself. As the story of the wedding dress unfolds, however, Charlotte learns about her own family history, and finds direction for her future.

The Wedding Dress tells Charlotte’s story. Author Rachel Hauck masterfully weaves in Charlotte’s present-day narrative with the stories of several women from the past, all bound together by the unique wedding dress. This novel contains the fun of contemporary fiction and historical fiction all wrapped into one package, and it is a story I enjoyed from the opening pages. Being from the south, I especially enjoyed the Birmingham setting and appreciated reading about the racial tensions and difficult working conditions for so many in the early 1900’s. As the novel tracked the stories of several women, I found myself cheering for them all in different ways, and I enjoyed the way Rachel Hauck tied everything together in the end. The only part of the story I didn’t enjoy was a recurring, mysterious God-like character. Although I appreciated the message of God’s providence and redemption implied through the use of this character, I felt I could have understood the meaning in a more subtle way.

The Wedding Dress is a fantastic story, and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to pass my copy on to a friend who lives in Birmingham, and I am excited that we have two copies to give to our readers. If you are interested in reading The Wedding Dress, please leave a comment on this post. We’ll announce two winners on April 25.

Additionally, in honor of this new release, Rachel Hauck is engaging in a conversation about true beauty, and she is hosting her own giveaway, which includes a $200 Visa card, gift certificates, books, and more! Click on the button below for more information.

Rachel Hauck $200 Cash Giveaway

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