Four Letter Words

In this introduction to apologetics for today’s Christian teen or young adult, Bill Giovannetti posits that the “core beliefs of the Christian faith have become today’s four letter words.”

We live in a culture where confidently stating what you believe is often labeled as narrow-minded intolerance rather than as an expression of personal faith. Giovannetti maintains that “we must respect and tolerate those with whom we disagree. But we still get to disagree and say so.”

With that foundation laid, the author goes on to explore several of the basic tenets of Christianity, as well as the major opposing philosophies for each. In the chapters True and Know, he introduces the reader to concepts such as the principle of non-contradiction, modernism, and post-modernism, contrasting these with what Jesus taught about truth. He also looks at the differences between empiricism, rationalism, and faith, concluding that they all ultimately rest on faith: empiricism by faith in the senses, rationalism by faith in logical postulations, and Christianity by faith in God & His Word.

Other chapters focus on the issues of pain and suffering, the existence of evil, and the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Giovannetti even tackles topics such as sexual purity, eternal punishment in hell, and eternal reward in heaven. For each of these, he gives a clear picture of the various positions that exist outside of the Christian faith and discusses the resulting logical flaws or negative outcomes.

One thing I found so fascinating about this book is that it identifies so many of the ideas that I remember debating with my peers in high school and college without realizing someone else had thought of them first! In addition to a detailed study of how faith and logic work together to lead us to the God of love, Four Letter Words: Conversations on Faith’s Beauty and Logic also offers practical suggestions for young people on how to engage with those who are interested in a way that is both respectful and kind.

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Trish thanks Litfuse Publishing and Endurant Press for the review copy of this book. She blogs at In So Many Words.



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