New Picture Books from Disney Hyperion

With the slew of picture books that come out every month, it can often be hard to keep up. (I try, really, I do try!) There isn’t any guarantee that every new book that comes out will be interesting to your child, or even that it will be a piece of high quality children’s literature, in fact. That’s why we like sharing the titles with you that we find fun and engaging, with the hope that your own kids will agree.

Disney Hyperion has two recent releases that I’ve found to be delightful. One brings a familiar young dinosaur into a new environment, and the other presents a lovable, if wee-bit naughty puppy who just wants to eat some pie.

Bob Shea returns with another round for his Dinosaur character, and this time he’s taking on a place that we all as book lovers know and love. In Dinosaur vs. the Library, we find our prehistoric pal ready to roar his way to the library. He’s enthusiastic and LOUD as he heads out, stopping to roar at a variety of animal friends who he sees along the way. But wait! He’s going to the library… and that isn’t the best place for loud dinosaur roaring. What will happen? Will he be able to keep quiet for an entire story time? Who will win when it’s Dinosaur vs. the Library? (I’ll give you a clue– there are only winners when it comes to the library!) Those colorful sketches we’ve come to love from Shea’s previous books once again are fun to look at, and Dinosaur’s spirit is perfectly fitting for the average (read: boisterous) young child.

What do you get when you combine a cute little girl, a freshly baked apple pie, a hungry dog and a letter on each page? Apple Pie ABC – the most adorable alphabet book that actually manages to tell a chronological story! Oh, this one is going to have a special place on my bookshelf for years and years to come, I tell you. The apple pie is baked, cooled, and dished out by the young girl early in the book, and the rest of the pages find the poor puppy longing for a piece of his own. Will he be successful? Trust me, you want to share this cute alphabet book with your own little ones to find out.

For lovers of picture books, both Dinosaur vs. the Library and Apple Pie ABC will bring laughs and joys, for both kids and adults!

Dawn happily indulges her love of picture books with a crew of young kids every day. In her “free time,” she also happily blogs away at my thoughts exactly, where she tries to keep a regular focus on picture books with the feature friday’s five.


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