Itsy Mitsy Runs Away

As a child, I wrote a note to my parents, letting them know that I was running away. I planned to go to a nearby children’s home. In my mind, the idea of a children’s home conjured up images of nonstop fun. I mean, it would be awesome to live in a house full of kids, right? I didn’t run away, but I did receive a stern lecture about my many blessings when my mom found the note in my drawer.

I am sure that many children contemplate an escape at some point, and Itsy Mitsy is no different. In Itsy Mitsy Runs Away, Itsy Mitsy is fed up with bedtime. She announces that she’s through with it all and heads for the door. To her surprise, her father volunteers to help her pack. He suggests taking her stuffed dinosaur, some snacks, and even a lamp to aid Itsy Mitsy in her journey. Dad’s reverse psychology begins to work when Itsy Mitsy realizes that there’s no place like home, and Itsy Mitsy decides to pack her entire house. After conquering this difficult feat, Isty Mitsy ultimately welcomes bedtime in a state of sheer exhaustion.

Itsy Mitsy Runs Away is a ridiculous story, and that’s exactly why it is so much fun. Children will relate to Itsy Mitsy’s frustrations, while laughing as Itsy Mitsy’s packing transitions from the expected beyond the realm of reality. Author and illustrator Elanna Allen draws on personal experience to create a visually appealing and fun story that is sure to please at bedtime or anytime.

Lauren is a wife, mother of two, and an avid reader. She thanks Simon and Schuster for the review copy of this book. Lauren blogs at Baseballs and Bows.

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